Comic Book Version of Hrólfs saga kraka

A Danish comic book version of Hrólfs saga kraka has recently come to our attention.

Illustrerede klassikere nr. 157.

It is entitled "Rolf Krakes og hans kæmpers saga" and appeared as nr. 157 in the series Illustrerede klassikere (the series, published by Forlaget Illustrerede Klassikere A/S, ran from 1955 to 1977 and comprised 227 ordinary numbers plus 11 special issues). There is no date of publication but it appears to have come out in 1963.

The drawings were by the Danish artist Helge Kühn-Nielsen (1921-1997). The text, which in the nature of such publications is greatly abridged vis-à-vis the original, derives most probably from Frederik Winkel Horn’s translation of the saga in his Nordiske Heltesagaer (1876).

It was also published in Sweden as "Kung Rolf och hans kämpar" (Illustrerade klassiker Nr. 158, 1963), and in Norway as "Sagaen om Rolf Krake og hans kjemper" (Illustrerte klassikere Nr. 147, 1963). There is no corresponding American (or British) publication in the Classics Illustrated series, so presumably this was a Danish original.

Matthew Driscoll, 25 November 2011.