AM 284 4to
AM 284 4to (1650-1699, Iceland)
Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Copenhagen
1. (1r-2v) Letter addressed to Árni MagnússonIcelandicNote: Aside from modern annotations, this item contains only an address for AM at Skálholt on fol. 2r. Fold lines on both leaves indicate that they previously contained a letter.2. (3r:1-17vb:8) Hrólfs saga kraka (defective)IcelandicHrölffs Köngs Kraka saga er riede Dana velldeMadur er neffndur Hälffdän enn annar FrödeNote: Several leaves lacking between fols. 8 and 93. (17va:9-17vb:17) Two verses on Hrólfr krakiMagnús JónssonVysa M. J. S. til GamanzHrölffur krake, köngur j DanavelldeSikling skarft ä bakeNote: The second verse bears the title "ønnur hinns sama"
CodexPaper18Note: Fol. 18 is blank.202mm x 155mmFoolscapLater foliation: Fols. 3-17 are foliated 1-15 in red ink by Kristian Kålund.Average: Several leaves are stained. The MS leaves have been cropped, but with no apparent textual loss. Fols. 3-5 have minor damage near the gutter with some text lost.175mm x 145mmUnknownKurrentSole
Plain (later)
Bound in plain paper boards.
Árni Magnússon: Owner
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