Fornaldarsögur norðurlanda: A bibliography of manuscripts, editions, translations and secondary literature

compiled by M. J. Driscoll & Silvia Hufnagel

Bibliography, general or by saga:

Included here are all the sagas normally classed as fornaldarsögur, viz. the 31 originally included by C.C. Rafn in his edition Fornaldar sögur Nordrlanda (1829-1830) plus the five most scholars agree also fit his criteria of time and place.

Friðþjófs saga detail

For each saga there is a list of the manuscripts in which texts of the saga are found, along with its location in the manuscript, a transcription of the rubric or incipit and, where known, the name of the scribe and time and place of writing. There are also lists of all the editions of the text, of all the translations known to us and finally of secondary literature dealing specifically with the saga in question. There is also a general bibliography comprising works dealing with the genre as a whole.

Please feel free to bring any errors and omissions to the attention of the editors. We would also be grateful if authors of articles or books on fornaldarsögur would notify us of their publications so that we can add them to our bibliography.